Basic Cleaning

Use straight hot water and a Scotch Brite scrubbing sponge.  Using a circular motion clean using the Scotch Brite sponge only.  Do not use any soap. If you don’t have a Scotch Brite pad a sponge and coarse salt will work also. If you fear contamination from meat, chicken or fish,  splash the board with a little white vinegar and scrub in.  Rinse with hot water and towel dry.  Be sure to dry off all surface water.

NEVER immerse in water or put into the dishwasher.  This will surely cause failures in the joints.  Set the board aside and allow to finish drying naturally.  After completely dry, then another coat of mineral oil can be applied.

All boards have been treated with two coats of food grade mineral oil.  They can be used for proteins or vegetables.  If you use vinegar to clean often, you will need to re-coat your board.  Food grade mineral oil is available at your local grocery or pharmacy.

If you never use the board, it may need another coat of oil after 6 months or so.  Depending on the lack of humidity at the location.


A Couple of Tips

The sharper your knives, the less damage to the board.  Extremely sharp knives will glide over the board while cutting the softer food.  Dull knives will take more pressure therefore pressure into the wood.

Set your board on the edge grain to dry.  Set it in a way that air can flow around the entire board.

If you only use one side and wash only one side the board may begin to warp.  After washing the dirty side, simply allow the other side to get wet.  Then dry normally. The board should start to even out after a couple of days.

Never set a wet board down flat.  Guaranteed to warp!  But after some work it will go back.


All boards are fully guaranteed as long as proper maintenance is followed.  If a failure happens, upon inspection, the board will be repaired or replaced at Tio Leo’s discretion.  Boards that are just plain worn out (used a lot) will allow a 50% off credit toward a new one of comparable size.  All shipping charges are the responsibility of the owner of the cutting board.


Things That Will Void Your Guarantee

  • Putting your board in the dishwasher

  • Using serrated knives
  • Putting any type of finish or oil other than food grade mineral oil.

  • Using as a grilling plank

  • Using as a skateboard ramp 

  • Not cleaning after every use 

  • Soaking in water to clean